5 Tips for Online Study & Self Assessment


Video lectures

Online Test practice
Video Lectures

During covid-19 offline lectures are not available. But don’t worry online study and self assessment is also a good solution. It may build our knowledge in better way if we follow a regular pattern and schedule. Video lectures are one of the best solutions for study. Here is some links where we can get video lectures for our courses by the best lecturers of the world.


Engineering & Medical: https://nptel.ac.in/course.html

Book reading

But only video lectures cannot create best concept. So in second step we should read the book carefully with a peaceful mind.

1. Books Make Student Intelligent

Books increase the knowledge of students and improve their intellect. They reveal the different concepts and introduce the numerous shades of culture of the world. Reading books makes students aware of the various societies and civilizations across the globe. By reading books students can explore the past, present and future and can solve many problems. Books inspect the clarity and creativity in Student’s mind.

2. Books Improve the Memory

Many students forget what they have learn yesterday, but Reading books can help improve the memory of students. When students read books, they create the images of the story and character mentioned in the book and they are able to memorize what they have read. So if students read regularly their visual memory will activate and it will help them to quickly remember things.

3. Books Relieve Stress Of Students

Reading books is an adequate remedy for students to relieve stress. When students read books they feel stress free and books take them to the world of imagination. Reading books inspire students and motivate them to change their life and they are highly charged with positive energy.

4. Books Improves the Vocabulary

If students want to improve their vocabulary then Reading books is the fastest way for them. When students read different books on different subjects, they are able to learn more new words which will not only help them to modify their vocabulary but also them to build the awareness on various topics.

5. Books Help To Get More Focus

When the students relieve their stress by Reading books, then it naturally help them to focus on their life. This will also help them to improve their academic performance and they can learn more in very less time. When the students feel stress-free, then they can focus on their studies easily without any barrier and the chances of getting top grades will increases.

6. Learn Different Languages

Books can also improve the language skills of students. By reading different books students will be able to interact with people in their endemic language. This is very useful when students go abroad for studies. If students know different languages then they can make new friends and easily cognate with their teachers.

7. Develops Analytical Skills

Books can improve the Student’s ability to think, and they are able to find the solution to problems. Reading books can builds the understanding and awareness of students in different situation. Books make the students self-effacing and compassionate and also boost the confidence of Students. Reading books can enhance the imagination and creativity of Student’s and increases positive thinking.

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Notes writing

Forgetting is the nature of human brain. So it is necessary to make notes to increase our writing and thinking skill. Notes are also the means to restore our concepts and to increase our knowledge. Note that to make it’s by own is best but some time students are unable to make note so they can get notes from different sites.

CBSE Notes: https://www.sharmaclasses.org/Test-Course/intermediate-c-b-s-e/

Engineering & Medical Notes: https://nptel.ac.in/course.html

Offline self assessment test

Student self-assessment occurs when learners (students) assess their own performance and is primarily wont to help students develop specific learning skills that they’re going to need for professional competence. This process may assist in making students more conscious of and skilled for his or her own learning process.

Skilled self-assessment can be as reliable as other forms of assessment, however as an educator you must provide students with the right guidance and practice if you want results to closely align with the results from other assessors’. In most cases it’s beneficial to introduce your students to the thought of self-assessment using — formative learning. Early on, this will be achieved by using a web quiz that provides each student instant feedback on their performance, for instance. As student progress they will be guided to use a more summative sort of self assessment for instance, grading their own performance.

Key Benefits of Student Self-Assessment

1. Helps to develop important meta-cognitive skills that contribute to a range of important graduate capabilities. All professionals must be ready to evaluate their own performance, so this practice should be embedded in education learning as early as possible.

2. Increases self-awareness through reflective practice, making the standards for self-evaluation explicit, and making performance improvement practices intrinsic to ongoing learning.

3. Contributes to the event of critical reviewing skills, enabling the learner to more objectively evaluate their own performance—and others’, when utilized in conjunction with peer assessment. With peer assessment they become more practiced in giving constructive feedback, and receiving and working on feedback received.

4. Helps students to require control of their own learning and assessment, and giving them the prospect to manage their own learning and development more independently.

5. Gives students greater agency regarding assessment, thus enriching their learning.

6. Possibly, within the end of the day, reduces the teacher’s assessment workload—although on its own this benefit isn’t sufficient to introduce student self-assessment.

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Online test


These mock test papers provide a transparent demonstration of the particular examination to assist students get familiar with all aspects of the exam. In the internet era, where everything is out there online, tests have gone digital too. Keyboards and monitors with internet connectivity have replaced pens and paper and have also hamper travel costs while saving precious time.

The Benefits Of Online Tests

Online mock tests have the subsequent advantages, especially for college kids preparing on their own:
They enable you to trace your progress with instant answer evaluations.

Gone are the times once we wont to await days after taking the test for the results. Now, online tests not just save your commuting time, but also hamper your waiting time for the results. eLearning platforms give instant feedback and evaluation right after the test. This helps students identify the gaps in their preparation and begin rectifying them.

They offer convenience trumps.

As i discussed earlier, most of the candidates preparing for Civil Services exam and other competitive exams are working professionals who pursue regular graduation or a masters degree. Therefore, it is difficult for them to be available at the test venue on the scheduled date. eLearning has saved students during this respect, as they will take a web test from the comfort of their home at their convenient time.
They enable you to save lots of the question papers on your disk drive .
Technology has made it possible to stay your important documents saved and confidential in your account for future reference.

They offer accuracy and fair evaluation.

Since these tests specialise in evaluating the preparedness of the candidates, the answers are evaluated supported the performance of the scholar . These tests are marked automatically and thus omit any scope of partiality.

They are easier to manage.
To take a web mock test, all you would like to try log in with a username and a password. eLearning has made the whole process easier; as an example , these tests automatically grade students, hence saving examiners’ time and energy , and test papers are often accessed from any device (PC, tablet, or smartphone). Finally, the results are automatically stored in the Learning Management System, which saves time both for teachers and students.
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