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Out of the following statement
A) The capacity of a conductor is affected due to the presence of an uncharged isolated conductor
B) A conductor can hold more charge at the same potential if it is surrounded by dielctric medium.


A paralle plate condenser is charged by a connecting it to a battery. The battery is disconnectd
and a glas slab is introduced between the plates.


A negatively charged particle is situated on a straight line joining two other stationary particles each having charge +q. The direction of the motion of the negatively charged particle will depend on


Electric potantial at some point in space is zero.Then at that point


When a charged conductor is placed near an earth connected conductor, its potential


A capacitor works in


Space between the plates of a parallel capacitor is filled with a dielectric slab. The capacitor is charged and then supply dis connected to it. If the slab is now taken out then


Two identical +ve charges are at the ends of a straight line AB. Another identical +ve charge is placed at ā€˜Cā€™ such that AB=BC. A, B and C being on the same line. Now the force on ā€˜Aā€™


If an earthed plate is brought near positive chargedbplate, the potential and capacity of charged plate


Potential at the point of a pointed conductor is


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