Tricks to crack MCQ


• Not every time to solve the questions:
Some time in mathematical questions, options have a large difference in there order of value. So in such problems it’s easy to check order than to get correct answer. One should practice more with test series. There are many free sites which can give free test series.
• Don’t Hurry:
Don’t hurry! Expanse more time to read the question than to solve unless you get the hidden concept in question.
• Choose the suitable question:
Don’t try to attempt all questions while it is negative marking. Prefer the tricky questions than to lengthy questions.
• Good time management:
It is the most important factor for any examination which has a major contribution in positive results. One should divide the time according to the sections of the question and difficulty level (not on the basis of number of questions). Expense the time only after final decision to attempt the question. Use only 15% of devoted time to whether you are going to attempt the question or not. Maintain 10% time margin to touch all the question and use it for the marked questions.
• Online/Offline practice
Before appearing in the: examination practice more and more according to examination pattern either online or offline. There are many platform to get free study material and offline practice papers/ previous year papers together with free online practice papers.

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